New academics feel the pressure to be more productive and efficient, but are unaware of how to achieve this. As one academic states:

I know the papers I have published, classes I taught and progress my PhD’s made – but how I achieved this is pretty vague: to-do lists mixed with lots of guilt and panic. I know I can be more productive, just not sure how to change, or if I want to.

The Academic Life project is an attempt to take our gaze away from the recognised measures of academic action that are focused on outputs and to look instead at the very building blocks that underpin these outputs.

On the surface, it is about the routine and mundane, but within this is a rich view of the very elements of academic practice.

New methods show that it is possible to exploit emerging technologies to enable academics to gain a better understanding of how they perform their daily functions and empower them to be more focused and strategic in their academic development.